Let me take you back to my first in the city: I was 15 about to hit 16 going to my first music concert, I remember vividly as we drove over the Nelson Mandela bridge into Town, with Kreuzberg soundtracking my journey into this new space. It was an emotional experience for me, mainly because the headlining act was Bloc Party and i’ve been listening to that band since the tender age of 11 (I first heard Helicopter on SSX On Tour on PS2, I from then I was hooked) and this was the first time I had ever gone to anything remotely cool in town, I always thought it was a dangerous place that no white people should ever journey to (bless my white teenage ignorance).

Turns out town is pretty awesome and I still retain that that was the best festival I have ever attended.

Last year it was decided to move In The City to Emmerentia dam, most probably for security reasons – but now it wasn’t really Vodacom “In The City” it was more so Vodacom ” Just outside of the City”

I can just imagine the brilliant board meeting: “So now we have a festival called in the city which isn’t actually in the city anymore, should we do anything to link it with the name?”, “Nah guy Emmerentia just looks cool and that’s what the hipsters are doing!”, “COOL, SOLD”

Thanks to Superbalist for taking over the festival we actually see parties inside the city which makes the festival tilting more so accurate – because let’s not lie, even with all the shit that goes down in town, a jol in Braam is awesome.

Friday 7 October: AND Liftoff

Venue: AND Club, 39A Gwi Gwi Mrwebi Street, Newtown, Johannesburg.

Genre: Electro, deep house and techno.

Featuring: The UK’s Eats Everything and a host of SA’s top electronic artists.

Times: 9pm-4am.

Launch Ticket Price: R120.

Saturday 8 October: Virgin Mobile Braam Beach Party

Venue: Juta Street, Braamfontein, will be transformed into a tropical beach paradise.

Genre: The best hip-hop, house and urban beats.

Times: 3.30pm-12am

Ticket Price: R150.

Featuring: It’s a secret!  Head down to Great Dane in Braamfontein on Thursday 7 July for the artist reveal party.


For more info go here.


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