Ahead of Grietfest 2016 I was lucky enough to interview the ridiculously handsome, Lektrique, regarding producing, sending off music, a collab with South Africa’s electronic ambassador Haezer and the darned lion park ( I swear to god that’s all anyone from overseas just wants to do, visit the flippen lion park). Thanks for your time dude!

Check out one of his tracks below to listen while you read or have a peak at his Soundcloud for more.


At what age did you start producing and how long did it take you until you realized you were creating something special? Did you play a musical instrument previously?

I started producing at 15 years old and prior to that I messed around with drums, but it was nothing serious. I never really realized I was making “something special”. It’s always been about doing my own thing, expressing myself and having fun with sound/music, exploring the endless possibilities and creating my own sonic universe. If people connect with it or find it special, then that’s a big bonus for me 😀

Who or what influenced you the most when you started producing, or influenced you to start producing?

Ed Banger Recs was a big influence to me in the years 2005 to 2010 and they definitely helped shape me as an artist. Besides them, local techno parties in Belgium motivated me a lot to experiment with electronic music.

Lektrique 1-1

Will we ever see a sneaky LEKTRIQUE x Haezer collab?

The real question is WHEN…

What are some important things a producer should know before sending off their songs to a label?

Don’t try to send your early work to every label out there. First, work on getting your productions tight and ask for feedback from friends and other musicians. Work together and learn together. Once you feel your final product is on point, you can definitely send it around and you’ll get a better first impression. This will help you for future demos as well.

What are you looking most forward to doing in SA? (please don’t say the lion park!)

There’s a lion park!?! Holy shit haha, I’m very eager to rage with everyone at Grietfest and explore Cape Town! I’m spending a week and my hosts are excellent guides, so I have no doubt they’ll show me all the good stuff. Hopefully, the lion park is part of the tour… lol.

Lektrique Soundcloud

Shout out to GRIETFEST for the opportunity.


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