This morning Oppi just dropped us with some good news, and some bad news. The bad news is that the good oes were trying to bring another headliner to the 3-day festival – unfortunately, this wasn’t working out, so that headliner will roll over to next year’s festival.

The good news is that ticket prices have significantly dropped, they are also introducing a ticket just for the Friday or Saturday, dope boi.

‘The full weekend ticket price was R900, this will now be brought down to R749 for the full weekend.
We are also introducing day tickets for the Friday and the Saturday only at R400 per day.* I.e. a super
cost effective 3-day tune driven break away.’

Those who paid the full price for their tickets prior to this announcement will be getting a cashless voucher to use at the event.

‘Normal price tickets sold already: If you have bought a full price ticket already we will send you a
cashless voucher for the difference that can be used at the festival.’

See you there my guys.


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