What was the best selling game on Steam in 2017? Chances are you probably already know the answer, heck I’m pretty sure this game was the best selling in any country.SteamSpy, run by game developer Sergey Galyonkin recently published the statistics revealing that the famous PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds was the best selling game in South Africa.

If you speak to any South Africa PC gamer, the famed CS: GO is something that nearly always crosses their lips – which is pretty surprising considering it only hit 5,081 sales. That being said, who can’t resist an 90% discount?

Bestselling games

The games listed below were the bestsellers in South Africa for December.

Game Sales Increase Max discount
PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds 8,614 17.03% 0%
Company of Heroes 2 7,971 81.69% 75%
Counter-Strike: Condition Zero 6,398 39.45% 90%
Counter-Strike 5,081 23.37% 90%
Homefront 4,347 72.91% 75%
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 4,304 4.10% 33%
Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare – Gold Edition 3,728 50.09% 35%
The Bureau: XCOM Declassified 3,585 62.69% 80%
Quake Live 3,000 22.83% 75%
H1Z1 2,823 19.33% 75%

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