Right off the bat I just want to say I am an AKA fan. I am. When I heard he was releasing a new single this week I was super excited. When he stated that this one was for everyone that says he doesn’t rap anymore I felt a little doubt start seeping in – but as the Supamega support that I am, I was there the moment the single dropped

Star signs has a really laid-back vibe to it. Gemini major did a proper job with the production and that’s always at least 40% of the charm in a song. I can’t see myself partying to it but there’s tons of potential for it as a staple while having a few drinks with friends at home.

As far as bars go I can’t help but feel I didn’t get everything I expected. For a dude who promised to go off he really just did a lot of sing-rapping; riding the wave of his autotune with a little rhythm and the occasional quotable line. But that’s who and what AKA is now, and that might not be such a bad thing.

Referring to himself as more of a pop star than a rap star, the song seems spot on. Stogie T’s (I still call him Tumi I’m  being honest) verse on the joint introduced a nice change of pace; having the energy of it all shift around him gives the song some of the lyricism that was promised. All in all, I think it’s a cool single, not from a rapper but a pop star.

I can’t wait to hear the rest of his tracks on the Touch My Blood album.

AKA – Starsigns is available on iTunes and Google Play Music

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