Despite, the controversy surrounding lootboxes and the general dissatisfaction of these money making tools from the community and government across the globe – Ubisoft is introducing ‘Battle Crates’ to the third person shooter Ghost Recon Wildlands. Battle Crates will contain random cosmetics and arrive in-game by January end.

Battle crates are set to come in multiple different varieties. Spec Ops and Ghost War. The former is focused on single-player and co-op cosmetics while the latter features items that can be used in the PvP mode. Each crate will set players back by 400 Credits and won’t have any duplicate cosmetics, so don’t worry about racking up the same skin continuously (I’m looking at you Battlefield 1). As it is with most lootbox mechanics, you can buy additional crates with more money.

As for the contents of the crates, you can expect mainly Epic and Exotic varieties of weapons and vehicles. As previously mentioned, the items in the lootboxs are purely cosmetic and won’t affect your progression or skills in any way. With over 200 items across Rare, Epic and Legendary tiers, there’s quite a lot to earn.

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