There are people in this world that have minds like a safe, once something goes in it will not be forgotten. However, most of us are so overwhelmed by stress, work, a sick dog, an overdue assignment and a grumpy girlfriend that you forget to stop for petrol and now at 1 am, after your shift, you’re walking along a dodgy road to a dodgy petrol station through the dodgiest part of town. Sound about right? If you have a mind like a sieve rather than a safe, don’t worry we may have stumbled on to a solution.

Kenma a Japanese design firm has come up with an adaptation of the most uncool fashion accessory to come out of the 80’s. Remember that slap on luminescent bracelet? Well, some Japanese bright spark observed hospital nurses writing on their hands and wrists. Realising that this is a common trend among many folks, Kenma resurrected the hideous luminescent band from the depths of the 80’s and after a few much-needed design tweaks, the WEMO was born!

The Wemo is a wearable and re-usable memo made of silicone that wraps around your wrist. The applications across the job market are endless, engineers, carpenters, architects, designers, accountants, archivers literally thousands of positions would benefit from this advancement. In addition, this neat accessory is not hideous like its predecessor and has the added benefit of being good for the environment as you would no longer need to tear off those endless little bits of paper or stick Post-it notes everywhere. If you’re a student then the Wemo is perfect for writing down the correct lecture venue, that lecturer’s weird name or that assignment due date – so you don’t leave it for the last day. (Even though you probably will anyway.)

If that’s not good enough, the Wemo is erasable, just use a permanent marker and a trusty old eraser to clean things up. The benefit of this is that you can wash your hands, work in, with or underwater and not lose your notes. If you’re a scatterbrained creative out for the night you can write down that brilliant idea, before it leaps from your mind to escape the encroaching alcohol.

The final positive of the Wemo is that its old school, no batteries, so my fellow millennials, those of you saying “I’ll just use my phone.”, the Wemo always works. Old school tech meeting modern-day ingenuity. You’ll never have to say, “Lemme get your number… Oh! My phone is dead”. Imagine all the great things you could achieve if you don’t have to remember all the little things.


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