Parklife 2018 was a biggy for me, I was super hyped to head into this festival, mainly because I like getting day drunk and because I’ve never seen Alice Phoebe Loe or Angus And Julia Stone before. Unfortunately, to earn my rightful place as a ‘media accreddited’ blogger I needed to have images accompanied by my thoughts on the festival otherwise nobody would read it. That being said, there are thousands of people out there who are more adapt with a camera than me So, Ill be finding a couple of my best picks (pics?) from the gorgeous image curator that is Instagram and throw some context to them. #Parklife2018!


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M&M’s for life ❤️ #parklife2018

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Upon entering the blazing heat of the festival, there we two very hard to miss people wearing m&m suits handing out free candy. Although free chocolate is always welcome in my palms I couldn’t help but to feel sorry for these dudes wearing those costumes in the beautiful Johannesburg heat of 27-freakin’ degrees.

With the threat of rain ever looming during this time in Joburg, the organizers had sorted out a form of cover near the smaller stage. Right opposite the seating area was a smaller stage where smaller acts performed. Here I got to see the Dashing Josh Kempen perform a lo-fi set with Saul Nossel rocking a drum pad instead of his usual kit accompanied by Noah Bamburger belting out synths on the keyboard – appropriately perched on an ironing board.

Alice Phoebe Lou, oh my word. From busking in Berlin to headlining on Homegrown soil – after spending the first couple of minutes listening to her opening act I realized just why she became so successful in the first place. Sit down, shut up and watch the clip.

I have no idea who this person is, but this is a beautiful picture.

I haven’t seen Goodluck perform since 2015, so I was pretty excited to see what new material the trio of tropical house musicians had in store – and it seemed like I wasn’t the only one.

There was a surprising amount of toddlers armed with over sized headphones smutting to the music (which I found pretty cute, I mean, I wish my parents took me to music festivals as a kid??)

Growing up most of the festivals were restricted to 18 and above only, so seeing a festival accommodate to the entire family was something that I found refreshing. Family picnic? Nah, family jol.

To be honest, Angus and Julia Stone is one of those artist that I knew I was suppose to take the time to listen to but never, did. Most of my understanding from the band came from chillstep remixes I used to bust during grade 10 back in the day (I know, awful right?), so when they finally began to play i wasn’t too certain on what to expect.

Something that I find a little bit strange from the indie acts that I’ve seen brought to South Africa (Foster The People, Of Monsters And Men) is that people go in expecting to dance to the music. I was one of them. And while yes there was a sort of ‘dance’ rhythm to many of the songs, I appreciated it a little bit more when I got out of the stuffy crowd and listened from the back.

The heartfelt lyrics accompanied by their eclectic band (used more to complement the brother and sister duo more than to fill out their tracks) behind a collage of absolutely stunning visuals was the perfect way to end off the heat of the festival.

Sidenote: If you enjoyed Parklife, the organizers for the festival are the same people behind the upcoming Lush festival in Clarens, so if you want the same sorta treatment, grab a crew together and go to Lush!






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