Are you secretly from the 19th Century? Do you miss the nostalgic touch of weighted keys followed the satisfying ‘tap-tap’ from a typewriter? Then fear not, because the dudes at Lofree have a replicated the same feeling of a mechanical typewriter in the form of a modern PC peripheral – and they’ve done it ever so stylishly.

With beautiful swappable pastel hues, backlight keys and the insta-satisfaction of the mechanical keys, the creative inside you will be overjoyed to return the fun back to the monotonous task of typing out your essay or respond to that ever-growing email thread. Not to mention, the office will totally want to get an instagram post of your keyboard – you’ll be the office favorite!

It’s compatible with MacOS, Windows, and tablets and can be paired up with three devices simultaneously to allow for seamless switching between your platform. If your keyboard runs out of power (which will take quite some time, it’s got mad battery life) you can easily connect it via USB to your platform.

Lofree Keyboards will be priced between $75-$100 (900 – 1200) with pre-sale scheduled for March 7th. More details over at Lofree.


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