During my first year of psychology, I wrote an essay on Interpersonal attraction and the causes of attraction, I didn’t know at the time however of a page that divulged what some might term the juiciest of details or the sauce.

Attraction according to my rather intelligent first-year self, occurs as a result of physical proximity, attractiveness, competency – how good you are at what you do, similarity and self-disclosure (within reason). However what a first year me did not consider is a new factor that should be added to the attraction mix, social prowess – How you look online, your selfies, followers, that cute picture of your dog and whether or not you’ve been featured on a university crushes page. Why the latter you may ask? Well, this shows social worth, being desired makes one desirable.

So… Yes there is a Facebook page in existence, many individuals dread and hope they may end up on. Just in different ways. Is there that girl/ guy in lectures you fancy, whose eyes you get lost in? Someone across the distance you’ve never had the guts to speak to? Well, then the University crushes page is probably the place for you. Even if you just decide to live vicariously through the boldness of others.

Wits crushes has been a source of clamouring excitement for many a shy first year. I’m sure the same is true from university to university. However, while we all hope to end up as someone’s crush we also deeply hope we’re never the ones doing the crushing.

This is fascinating for two reasons, firstly while social networking was intended to bring mankind closer and facilitate communication, it seems to have isolated us millennials to the point that we all seem to crumble under social intimacy unless we have the strength of liquid courage. Secondly, we seem fascinated with other people’s lives as a generation, I won’t delve too deeply and venture a prediction as to whether this is good or bad.

So for a laugh, a chuckle and perhaps the secret hope that your description may appear on the Wits or any other university crushes page, it’s worth a few moments to like these pages. Valentine’s day is of course around the corner which is no doubt likely to leave people feeling amorous, bold and a little lonely. This is an interesting cocktail of emotions, which always seems to yield an interesting and entertaining set of events.


Here are a few of our favourite Wits crushes, the way people choose to express their attraction is always fascinating.

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