Hi guys. Meet Miles of White (a.k.a Paul Miles Whitehead).

Paul Miles Whitehead Musician | Composer

He’s a multi-instrumentalist, Johannesburg-based electronic music producer who also shreds licks in Pringles adverts and gives your kid guitar lessons.

On March 2nd 2018 he released his second alternative/electronic E.P titled It’s Happening. This five track instrumental project blends ingredients from synth-pop, ambient, electronica, and indie-rock in to this tasty experimental smoothie of loops and atmosphere.

The strengths of It’s Happening lie in Paul’s skill as a composer. His melodic and harmonic textures are creative and engaging throughout the project. However, Paul’s production skills have yet to come to the party. Here’s why, in a track-by-track breakdown of the E.P.

Track 1 – ;lkdjf

The E.P starts on a dark tone with ;lkdjf introducing this melodious-beeping noise that sounds like the inside of an Alien spaceship. The melody then mixes with this low-buzzing baseline which puts you under a spell, until the drums come in. While having cool rhythms, the drum mix sounds a bit flat and faint. But it’s okay, because Paul’s composition skills throw us a life vest with these rich synth-swells that transition the tone from dark to uplifting.

Track 2 – It’s Happening

Ah, the title-track of the EP. It’s Happening opens with a heavily detuned, rumbling baseline banging on top of this warm, absolutely gorgeous electric keyboard. Harmonically, it’s simple and effective; only two chords. Some more interesting and creative melodies hit us in the form of this annoyingly fake-sounding modeled piano. I can’t help but wish that the piano he used in this track had been the same piano used in the Morvite advert he worked on. The track bounces back in its second half, with a mesmerizing ambient section featuring these ethereal synths fading in and out on top of the electric keyboard. I love it when he does that.

Track 3 – Saturday Night Lever

This track definitely stands out from the rest. It feels as if Paul steers Saturday Night Lever more towards mainstream appeal. I say this because the song is so cot-damn catchy.  Paul blends these clean, choppy, indie-guitar riffs with these funky drums and intoxicating vocal samples. It just works, plain and simple. I could see this track becoming very popular at live shows and festivals.

Track 4 – Therese

This track feels as if it’s leaning towards the synth-pop side of the spectrum; with these profound, big-room synths carrying this driving rhythm – with a melodic fill every two or so bars. The synth work is fantastic but again, this track is let down by under-produced drums that don’t let Therese live up its potential. It could be way more epic.

Track 5 – Happy For a Day

Happy For a Day is super hypnotic. The track is essentially divided into two main motifs that alternate and intertwine with each other – one section being this thumping kick-bass combo, the other being a half tempo breakdown with the synths rising and dropping in pitch. The way these sections transition and borrow sounds from each other induce a satisfying trance-like state. Oh boy, and that synth-ophonic crescendo that the track ends on wraps the E.P up on a high note, literally.

Ultimately, It’s Happening is an entertaining listen in that it’s unlike anything you’ve heard before. We look forward to what Miles of White will bring us in the future.

What do you think?

You can support Miles of White by streaming/buying the It’s Happening E.P here. Also, check out his website for more on his side projects and industry work.