There is something enticing and exciting about stumbling onto a beautiful unique idea, especially when the execution of that idea changes the way we experience our lives. An architect and illustrator living and working in Turkey possesses a wonderful perspective, seeing everyday architecture in relation to the secret life of giants.

Taking pictures of buildings and building sites, Hakan Keles captures the world we see and illustrates what we miss, illuminating a beautiful (and sometimes funny) way of life we aren’t privy to. The idea he says comes from Jonathan Swift’s tale Gulliver’s Travels, a story many an English student is familiar with for its satirism of society and human nature in the 18th century.

Hakan Keles called his unique collection of illustrations the Lilliput series, hinting at the origin of such an interesting idea. Each drawing depicts a giant nestled in our common everyday landscape, however, we are rendered minute by their presence. Our world and the largest of our structures and vehicles become the giants’ everyday implements and playthings. Interestingly enough, Hakan stated that some of the giants are inspired by actual people, maddeningly though, he declined to mention which ones.

Personally, I feel that human nature and character is unmistakable and begins to whisper forth from some of the illustrations. If you are quiet and observant you may just spot some of the traits required to unmask the real-life inspired characters.

Personally, I find many of these illustrations incredibly beautiful because they depict the most endearing of human characteristics, in a world that is often quite intense and caught up in the hustle, bustle and rustle of making money. These unique depictions remind me of a softer side of human nature. In addition, there is a fun and almost whimsical side to many of these illustrations that brings a rather goofy smile to one’s face.

To be frank people such as Hakan are incredibly inspiring, they redefine parts of our world that many of us don’t give a second thought, lending a fascinating, quaint and unique story to places we may not even notice in the daily flurry. This series of illustrations is indicative of what can happen with a bit of our original childhood imagination, mastery, creativity and passion. In truth it is stumbling onto artwork of this nature that keeps me writing. There is a kinship between creatives, passion feeds passion, so go out there and create just as Hakan Keles has and perhaps you may inspire someone else, in turn making the world a better place, even if only for a little while…

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