Lush Festival 2018

Lush Festival hosted in Clarens, amongst a beautiful backdrop of mountains and hills has probably been one of the most interesting festivals I had the opportunity to attend. Every day seemed to surprise me in ways I never expected but nonetheless, this was a great festival.

Would I attend again?


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Overall Festival Experience?


Day 1- Thursday:

Getting overly excited about the trip, making calls and packing the last of the supplies. My brother telling me I was definitely going to need gumboots but his words meaningless to me at the time. My homie Jubes and I hit the road.

A short 3-hour drive filled with good beats and consumption of road trip treats, time past quickly. We arrived seemingly early and headed for the camping grounds. A short walk from the parking under a bridge which seemed more like river drainage where we happened upon a marsh between us and the perfect camping spot.

Missioning on we set up our tents, cracked open a beer and waited for the rest of the crew to start pulling in. Our mates arrived later, drinks were flowing and the rest of Thursday can be considered a bit of a write-off.

Day 2 – Friday:

Awaken to sounds of chatter outside my tent and people already cracking the beers.  It was time to go get some beers of our own, so my cousin and I began the mission into the festival grounds to pick up our pre-order, an ice-cold case of draught size Carling Black Label beers. What a great time! And I can’t emphasize this enough: I will always, always preorder a case of beers for a festival, should the option be available and I recommend you do too.

The rest of the afternoon was spent sitting under the gazeebs (a.k.a Gazebo), poppin’ bottles and talking shit, waiting yet again for more homies to pull in, meanwhile the rain had decided the earth was not muddy enough. Early evening, some oaks from a neighboring tent came to have a dop with the boys. Probably the hugest Afrikaans people I have ever met, who could barely speak a word of good English but still had a time chatting shit and thinking us “souties” have never consumed a klippies and coke.

7PM, time to go watch Sean M, oaks are turnt, the lights are bright and nothing but good beats could be heard for the next 2 hours, Sean M’s set was mad.  A lot of missioning in between and we finally landed up back at the Woods stage in time for Timo ODV and PHFAT.

PHFAT had really impressed me this time, I was starting to get a bit bored of Mike singing the same old songs (not that it wasn’t a good time). The stage presence and hype were truly felt and it would seem that Desert Head (the new guy playing the beats in PHFAT) and Mike have formed a relationship that really adds to their vibe. Plus the new beats they played for us stepped things up from the old performance, it’s really cool to see PHFAT starting to bring out some new work again, but really no one can top Narch’s production.

Day 3 – Saturday:

The morning spent chilling at the campsite, a bit of recovery needed after Friday’s session, a quick rehydrate in the system and time for a shower mission. Possibly the worst idea one could have at this fest because the moment you stepped out of the shower you were dirty again, the walk was long and muddy although the sun was up and things were slowly starting to dry out a bit (hardly). I arrived at the shower trailers to find the entrance more waterlogged than anything else. There was a 15-minute wait because obviously there are lots of people like me who enjoy getting clean just to get dirty immediately after, realizing the situation I figured I’ve made it this far I might as well push on. After a bit of bants in the line and a shitty shower I was refreshed and ready to take the day on.

Fast-forward back to the campsite where I now had to clean up again after coming back from the showers at least now I had a beer in my hand and the homies were gathered after everyone’s morning admin.  A few of us decided a breakfast mission to town was in session and off we went. Clarens Town, the holy grail, it had only been a few hundred years since I last set foot in this town on a family holiday but it felt good to be back. The “English Breakfast” was the obvious choice after all the hype on the drive, followed by a stroll through town and a high and low search for gumboots of which only a size 5 could be found then we were on our way back to madness.

Arriving back at camp it was as if we hadn’t left, time for the pre-jol chill once again and then we headed off to catch up with everyone else for an afternoon shmut, and man do I love the day jol. The woods by light is definitely one of the best stage setups that I have experienced (after to the beach bar stage at Rocking Daisies last year obviously). From here on everything was just a build up to Jon Casey and I can’t say much more than his set blew all of us away. The most fire beats I had the privilege of hearing live in a long time. Followed by T-Stak who needs no hype this man continues to play the best of the best, set after set, very keen to see where his musical career goes.

Check out T-Stak’s Lush Video HERE.

We thought the night was done but now it was time to conquer the hill overlooking the festival grounds, nothing like a quick after jol hike. But for reals, what a rad way to end off the fest or any fest for the matter if I could, to check it out from high above and seeing all the busyness down below, allowing one to take a break and take all the events of the weekend in.

Day 4 – Sunday:

It was short-lived, pack – go. A slow drive back to good ol’ Jolburg and it was done.


Lush 2018.

What a mad time and such an interesting experience, meeting cool homies and seeing old mates. Lush really seemed to gather a unique crowd. Leaving me with some unforgettable memories.



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