Recently at Che Argentine grill in Maboneng, there was a performance by an Argentinian legend of music – Manu Sija. As evening fell, a small and diverse crowd assembled, with candle light warming the souls of the patrons, the scent of good food in the air and an unknown legend in our midst we waited, our bodies aflame with curiosity.

I had agreed to go, out of a desire to experience something new and exciting. Little did I know that I would be experiencing the gifts of a musical genius.

I probably should have done some research into Manu Sija, a musician who seamlessly leaps from one instrument to the next laying down melody after melody and layering them into the most exquisite of musical confections. Over the course of the evening, I witnessed a display of mastery over no less than nine instruments. This man was the epitome of passion.

The incredibly enticing evening only lead to reinforce a core belief of mine, that people who do what they love are not only capable of demonstrating an almost alarming mastery of that sphere, but also that in witnessing such alluring talent, one can’t help but be overcome with emotion and feel inspired to pursue our very own passions.

In an increasingly wealth aspirant society, the primary motivator of most people seems to be money. While that is all good and well, it does also seem a cruel waste of life, especially a life that can be filled with love, laughter, travel, food, dance and passion. Many are often amazed and shocked at what I choose to do with my time, given that I have received a first-class education and that I am fairly intelligent. However, I was fortunate enough to find my passion – building classic cars, race-cars and engineering solutions to problems. Can you imagine experiencing the satisfaction of being able to acquire new skills, learning something new every day, actually making broken things work again (Sometimes even better than before) and being able to be as proud as any artist, even if (in some cases) no one ever sees what you’ve done. Granted there is far more to it than that, once I started working I remembered being small and filled with a desire to build something tangible, useful and beautiful. Unknowingly I was fulfilling a life-long subconscious desire. This coupled with a balance between my other interests has helped me to find untapped reserves of motivation and passion.

Instagram’s Role In This

Often, one finds millennials are asked why they are fascinated with Instagram. Personally, Instagram provides a space to see people living and practicing their passions, this is of course once one sifts through some of the inherent narcissism of a generation. What’s more, when someone who is like-minded, actively shows appreciation for something we take pride in, we can’t help but want to do more and push the boundaries – Which is what I love most about what I do. This is one of the key benefits of Instagram, the opportunity to show our appreciation of others achievements and efforts and gain some motivation from it.

People who do what they love are enticing, inventive, creative, they are the bold pioneers of our time. The passion they embody is infectious. If possible, surround yourself with these people, build them up and encourage them. Passion is a beautiful thing and it is far more valuable than money. If you can’t live your passion, then endeavour to be passionate about what you do, find an aspect you can be excited about, do what you do with pride. It’ll make your task easier, and when passion and pride are present people appreciate your work, even if it is only a simple task executed with pristine precision or in a new and creative way.

It is necessary to add that stagnation is the devil, motivation only lasts so long, so get off your backside and get out, experience new things and speak to as many people as possible. There is nothing more amazing than looking into a person’s eyes as they voice their passion, their pupils dilate, their cheeks colour and small infectious smiles sneak forth from the masks we all wear.

Manu Sija and a whole host of others I have written about, all show what marvellous beauty can be achieved when one lives and acts on their passion. After all, what’s wrong with being a bold, emotional and passionate human being who charges each wall before them with passion and excitement.

As Shakespeare wrote, “Once more into the breach dear friends”. Be one of these people, don’t be complacent, find your passion and chase it, charge the walls in front of you. Grip that passion tightly with both hands and don’t let go.


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