Rage Festival – Lose yourself and find yourself all at the same time they say.

Fucking youngsters you may think.


Think again,

One of the maddest audio and visual presentations I have experienced at a festival.

Balls that lower out of the sky and change colours? , don’t take drugs at this place.

Down to the nitty-gritty, here at YouthCult Media, we pride ourselves on truly experiencing events for what they are meant to be and not just watch from the sidelines to bring back the real down-low on the experience of an event.

I think the Rage Festival experience is really something one can’t forget, after hitting Rage for my matric vacation back in 2015 I knew I would have to go back and do a better job. Don’t get me wrong 2015 was a jol and nothing compares to going away for a week with mates but I didn’t do it quite well enough.

Getting in the car the Youth Cult Rage team (my self and my OG homeslice) hit the road with one goal in mind to see how much we could live it up at Rage without being a Matric.

A road trip is always a great start to a journey, personally, I think it’s a good idea to have a vehicle with you on a trip away, as long as you not driving to the jol.

We managed to secure accommodation with an old friend who stayed in Umhlanga so we could be close to the action. Durban air, what a great a time, naps before the opening night.

Over sleeping and getting to Sound Factory way later than planned, good start, it’s fine. Made this cool boomerang.


See the trippy balls, but I don’t think the imagery quite captures the feels of the visuals, especially while the beats are grooving on.


Day 2 – La Montagne and The Sands Pool Parties followed by an epic after party at Origin.

My homie at G&G productions at the time, Natasha, hit us up to join on some of her daily missions. To which we first landed at the La Montagne pool party, this was by far was one of the coolest venues to host a pool party, a DJ in the middle of the pool? Checks this shit.

Unfortunately, we were there a bit too early to see it pumping but the vibe was still pretty great. Everyone was sort of just chilling out doing their own thing, definitely my kind of a setup.

On to – The Sands Pool Party

The Sands was definitely where the party was at, the pool was full, beats were going, peeps were dancing and drinks were flowing what more could you ask for? other than people trying to kick you out for not being a guest at the hotel. If you have any idea in your head of a Rage Festival Pool Party – this is it.

Round 3 – Origin Afterparty

I never had the opportunity to check out Origin Nightclub in my year of Rage, so I was overly excited as to how this evening would turn out.

I’m not a huge fan of clubs normally but Origin busted out with a crazy party, 3 floors (I think, could have been 4, whatever) of absolute madness, Origin at capacity is sight few get to see. Music was about as Ragey as you can get with Hip hop, Deep House and all that H2O nonsense you could expect but the beats definitely kept the party bumping.

After exploring all the floors we landed up at a booth at the Hip Hop Stage/Bar with the cool kids of the GandG team for some drinks. It was super cool to see them unwind a bit after a super successful opening weekend.


– Unfortunately, this post is going up over a year later and I’m running out of descriptive words so I’m going to cut this short.

Point for Point Coverage and Opinions:

Went on a Samsung sponsored yacht party, super lit. Can confirm Yacht parties are as great as they look.

They threw a cool rooftop party in town which was super experimental and not very well executed but such a cool idea. Reminded me of how we head to town Jozi side and thought it was cool to have something in the city for once.

The Converse secret party held out in the hills about an hour drive from Umhlanga inland, made for one of the most beautiful locations. The weather was a bit of a killer unfortunately and the party was a bit small due to all the “secrecy”. Could have been really rad if it was open to everyone and maybe the weather would have made for an interesting party. Music was on point and managed to really enjoy myself just messing around.

Watched Black Coffee and Stephan Bodzin at the waterlogged Sound Factory, felt really bad that Rage had to deal with such shitty weather but they did a really good job holding everything together no matter what challenges they were faced with, I think this is one of the main reasons Rage continues on as such a huge event in South Africa, their last-minute planning is phenomenal.

Black Coffee’s fusion of African House/Techno vibes really wowed me compared to what I heard online, highly recommend watching him.

Stephan Bodzin was alright, I thought Black Coffee was better. Although Bodzin brought out some tunes that were worth a Shazam in my eyes. Here, you can go listen if you want Layton Giordani feat. Danny Tenaglia – Live Again .

The rest of our time in between was spent exploring Durban and Rage alike, interviewing Ragers, taking unnecessary amounts of boomerangs and making some random content we thought our readers could enjoy and hope to one day compile and share all our great ideas.


Overall Rage was truly an experience I won’t forget, I got to experience exactly how it was designed which made it all the better compared to my year of Matric Vacation.

My only negative point on this festival is that I find too much emphasis on everything being VIP instead of one big party for everyone to experience and unfortunately if you don’t have the thousands to spend on meeting all of Rage’s demands I don’t think that you can have as good a time as you want to or are meant to but I hope to see this change and improve as Rage matures as a festival.

Let’s wrap this up.  SHOW ME YOUR RAGE FACE!


Rage Coverage Team Out.



Just a young dude trying to make a statement.