Andrew Mckay


Recently at Che Argentine grill in Maboneng, there was a performance by an Argentinian legend of music – Manu Sija. As evening fell, a small and diverse crowd assembled, with candle light warming the souls of the patrons, the scent of good food in the air and an unknown legend in our midst we waited, our bodies aflame with curiosity. I had agreed to go, out of a desire to experience something new and exciting. Little did I know that I would be experiencing the gifts of a musical genius. I probably should have done some research into Manu Sija, a musician who seamlessly leaps from one instrument to the next laying down melody after melody and layering them into the most exquisite of musical confections. Over the course of the evening, I witnessed a display of mastery over no less than nine instruments. This man was the epitome of…