Lush Festival 2018 Lush Festival hosted in Clarens, amongst a beautiful backdrop of mountains and hills has probably been one of the most interesting festivals I had the opportunity to attend. Every day seemed to surprise me in ways I never expected but nonetheless, this was a great festival. Would I attend again? 6/10 On the Bucket List? 8/10 Overall Festival Experience? 8/10 Day 1- Thursday: Getting overly excited about the trip, making calls and packing the last of the supplies. My brother telling me I was definitely going to need gumboots but his words meaningless to me at the time. My homie Jubes and I hit the road. A short 3-hour drive filled with good beats and consumption of road trip treats, time past quickly. We arrived seemingly early and headed for the camping grounds. A short walk from the parking under a bridge which seemed more like river drainage where…