If you didn’t know, South Africa actually has quite a thriving game creation community – over past couple of years we’ve seen awesome stuff popping up on the radar, STASIS, a crowdfunded point-and-click, BROFORCE one of the top selling steam side-scroller games, Vapour a unity made slender-style horror game. People have the ability to kickstart a game, edit code to create a mod or produce something of amazing quality without the need a giant studio or large financial backing – one of those examples being Organosphere. Organosphere is a survival game which so far, seems like what you would usually expect from the usual steam game, except that it’s set in Joburg; and the enemies aren’t zombies, it’s bugs and trees hell-bent on fucking up your day. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NHxfwmv9wuk&ab_channel=Organosphere “You must escape and venture into the heart of Johazardousburg and it’s lush environment to discover the meaning of all existence as we…